Giving Thanks this Season

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for families and friends to come together and be thankful. Whether large or small, we all have at least one reason to be thankful this season. It could be our health, home, family, job, or a friend. It can be easy to take for granted some of the simplest things in life.

For some, however, identifying some of these simple joys can be challenging. When there are certain basic survival needs in your life, these needs often are more prominent in your day-to-day. We understand that enjoying this season is important, though, some may be facing low-income, disability, or other concerns that may be preventing them peace of mind. has over 1,200 programs that can help those who are eligible to receive assistance for food, housing, family needs, and more during this time of year when you may need it most.

Some of these essential needs can be met through the following program categories on, where you can find additional information and see if you and your family are eligible for assistance:

Other categories that may help you and your family this season, may include Healthcare and Employment/Career Development Assistance. has many resources available for you and your families to learn more. We recommend filling out our Benefit Finder questionnaire to find out what else you may be eligible for this holiday season. We hope you enjoy this upcoming Thanksgiving, and spend some time in gratitude reflecting on the things in your life that you are thankful for.